Between 23rd and 24th March, the 11. FinTech & 10. InsurTech Digital Congress took place. During the two-day event, 400 participants listened to substantive presentations and debates concerning the most current trends and forecasts about the development of fintech and insurtech in Poland.

The Congress was inaugurated with the address from the presidents: Marcin Petrykowski, Chairman of the Advisory Board of FinTech Digital Congress (Group Chief Executive, Atende), and Cezary Świerszcz, Chairman of the Advisory Board of InsurTech Digital Congress (CEO, Unext). Marcin Petrykowski emphasized: “Let’s remember that we are talking about the world in which many of our friends changed their keyboards into weapons this moment. This is a key and vital element I want us to focus on (…)”. The leading motive for the inauguration debate became the issue of crisis management. The experts commented on, among others, the need for strategy redefinition in crisis conditions, maintaining continuity of enterprise operations in the face of unpredictable circumstances, and a change of business models in the financial sector.

The next panel is based on the issues concerning building digital services in the metaverse. “We are setting trends, which we perceive as crucial for the industry, crucial for the area in which we are. Metaverse – it is impossible not to comment on metaverse’s future influence on our sector,” – said Marcin Petrykowski. Incorporation of finances into the digital reality, now possibilities for the industry in the context of the potential connection with the merger of DeFi and metaverse, NFT and metaverse in insurances are the topics indicated as the key ones in this area. The capitalization of new technologies constituted an important aspect of the Congress – the evolution in the cryptocurrencies’ market and the platform’s influence on the financial ecosystem.

On the second day of the event, the experts drew their attention to the data. The following subjects were discussed: the use of data concerning finances in business building, data analytics, and data science as an information carrier and business strategy improvement, the development of Banking-as-a-Service and data management, and data sharing between sectors. Then the experts devoted their time to the area of digital financial services. They discussed the issues, which positioned fintech as a critical element of financial services. They drew our attention to the shape of the new money value chain, the building of the new financial era, digitalization of the world of finances, DeFi as an ecosystem of financial services and electronic payments, and the popularization of cashless payments. As far as the insurance market is concerned, critical aspects indicated by the speakers included: prioritization of the insurance market, digitalization of processes, and development of self-service channels. The experts emphasized the openness to technology and the transformation of current processes. The block also included subjects concerning e-health and the changing role of home care in the health care system under the influence of technology.

The 11. FinTech & 10. InsurTech Digital Congress speakers included, among others,:

  • Błażej Szczecki, Vice-President of the Board, Bank Pekao
  • Adam Malinowski, Vice President, Signal Iduna
  • Szymon Sypniewicz, CEO & Founder, Ramp Network
  • Magdalena Nowicka, Vice President of the Management Board, Head of New Technologies and Cybersecurity, BNP Paribas
  • Grzegorz Werpachowski, Data and Customer Strategy Director, Compensa
  • Karol Sadaj, Country Head Poland, Aion
  • Aleksandra Sroka-Krzyżak, Head of Strategy and Chief of Staff, Allegro
  • Łukasz Dwulit, Head of Business Development, Klarna
  • Hendrik Nehnes, CTO & Co-Founder, Tilo
  • Szymon Mitoraj, Head of Retail, Vice-President of the Management Board, Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine
  • Katarzyna Dziwulska, Managing Director Strategy and Digital Transformation Division, PKO Bank Polski
  • Grzegorz Pawlicki, Board Member, Chief Technology and Operation Officer, Europa Ubezpieczenia
  • Zbigniew Wiśniewski, Vice-President of the Management Board, The Cashless Poland Foundation
  • Katarzyna Wojdyła, Board Member, LINK4
  • Maciej Gołaś, Vice President of the Board, Head of Digital Processes Bureau, PZU
  • Aleksander Surowiak, Business Development Director, Tractable
  • Mirosław Deja, Digital Tranformation Lead / CIO, UNIQA
  • Mirosław Maj, President, Cybersecurity Foundation, Vice-President of the Management Board, ComCERT

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