On 23-24 November 2017, the II edition of the InsurTech Digital Congress took place in The Westin Warsaw. The meeting was participated by key members of the insurtech branch, and led to discussions and case study presentations analyzing trends and the general direction of development of the insurance sector. This edition was attended by 275 participants, who took part in 9 discussion panels and 12 individual presentations, actively made possible by 45 speakers.

The grand opening of the Congresses, during the joint part of the FinTech and InsurTech Digital Congresses was hosted by: Marcin Petrykowski, Vice-Chairman of the FinTech Digital Congress Advisory Board; Managing Director of S&P Global and Witold Jaworski, Chairman of the InsurTech Digital Congress and President of the Management Board of NIO. Next, the participants had the pleasure to listen to three presentations from Tomasz Czechowicz, Bundeep Singh Rangar and Hesus Inoma. The joint part of the Congress ended with a discussion panel regarding the future of the financial brand in the era of digitization and the changes in the HR structures that come with it.

During the first panel of the Congress, there was an analysis of the Polish insurtech market compared to the markets of the west. Also debated was new marketing, more precisely about changing the approach to the client, business models among those who are 18-30 years old, as well as taking care of elderly people as a chance for the insurance and insurtech sectors. The next block was about new technologies as a way of expanding the possibilities of additional services. Also discussed was the topics of eco-driving, connected home and car-sharing. Also debated were the aspects of regulating insurtechs and insurers.

The second day was started off with the block “be digital before you go digital”, where the talk was about the most important trends in digitizing internal processes, customer centricity and changes in policy sales. The next topics which were discussed during the congress were about the analyzing of information, machine learning, AI and robots as well as the chances and threats that are connected with them. Also discussed were whether and how insurers are using blockchain technology, issues connected with cooperation models with high-tech companies and start-ups. Finally, the panel which closed the congress was about transactions on the insurance market, investments in insurtech on the pre-seed and seed level, as well as fusions and take-overs.

Among the speakers of the II edition of the InsurTech Digital Congress were:

  • Krystian Zajac, CTO & Co-Funder, Neos
  • Tobias Sonndorfer, CFA, Client Executive at Munich Re (Group)
  • Rafał Mosionek, Vice President, Compensa TU S.A. Vienna Insurance Group; Member of the Management Board, Compensa TU na Życie S.A. Vienna Insurance Group
  • Adam Rozwadowski, President of the Management Board, EnelMed
  • Agnieszka Wrońska, President of the Management Board, Link4
  • Dorota Zimnoch, Fintech and Insurtech market expert
  • Michał Pawlik, Co-Founder and CEO, SMEO SA
  • Maciej Kawecki, Deputy Director of the Data Management Department, Ministry of Digital Affairs, Honourary Representative of the Ministry of Digital Affairs
  • Radzym Wójcik, Editor, Korporacyjnie.pl

We encourage you to take a look at the photo gallery of the event.
Organizer of the event is MMC Poland.