Day I – 18 March 2021

9:00-11:20 Inaugural block: FinTech 2030 - Create value in the fintech industry

9:00-9:15 Redefining Value in the Post-Covid Age

  • Fundraising – activities and processes
  • The perspective of investors and companies in the context of value building
  • Financing in the post-COVID era
  • Spectacular success stories of funding rounds in recent months


  • Marcin Petrykowski, Chairman of the Advisory Board; Managing Director, S&P Global
  • Małgorzata Szturmowicz, Vice-Chairman of the FinTech Digital Congress Advisory Board; Global CFO, Booksy International

9:15-9:35 Value building. How to evaluate value and understand it?


  • Stefan Batory, CEO, Booksy
  • Marcin Petrykowski, Chairman of the Advisory Board; Managing Director, S&P Global

9:35-9:50 InsurTech landscape - value building

  • Digitisation and its impact on the insurance industry. New reality
  • Re-built insurance - the digital value of the sector
  • How is the market changing and where to build value now?


  • Cezary Świerszcz, Co-Chairman of the Advisory Board; Założyciel, Bacca

9:50-10:05 How Polish companies are pushing forward with AI to improve their claims processes.


  • Aleksander Surowiak, Head of Business Development Poland, Tractable

10:05-10:35 Embedded Finance the Next Evolution in FinTech


  • Value proposition. How to build value for users?
  • Outlook for the future for the industry
  • Increase customer interest and brand loyalty with built-in finance
  • Fintech’s New Reality - out of the box ideas
  • Business models with fintech solutions
  • Dawid Rożek, Founder, ZEN
  • Ewa Szmidt-Belcarz, President of the Board, Empik
  • Marta, Wrochna - Łastowska, Chief Financial Officer, Board Member, Żabka
  • Katarzyna Zubrzycka, Director of the department of retailers and clearing agents in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, Visa
  • Marcin Petrykowski, Chairman of the Advisory Board; Managing Director, S&P Global

10:35-10:50 Banking-as-a-service - a new trend for the digital client

  • Treating banking as a BaaS service
  • Key factors that enable embedded banking
  • Are we facing disruption of everyday banking?


  • Karol Sadaj, Country Head Poland, Aion
  • Szymon Wałach, Managing Director Strategy and Digital Transformation Division, PKO Bank Polski

10:50-11:20 Big-Techs - new opportunities, methods of cooperation and partnership


  • Call-to-action. How to operate in the new realities of the entire financial ecosystem?
  • Relations with bigtechs and growing threats to the traditional banking sector from global giants.
  • The perspective of banks and bigtechs - synergy or competition?
  • The role of bigtechs in the context of payments and the real competitive advantage of these entities.
  • Anna Gorzkowska, Head of Strategy Office, PKO Bank Polski
  • Łukasz Turczyński, Director of the Sales Office of SME & International Customers, InPost
  • Jakub Grzechnik, Director of Product Development for Central and Eastern Europe, Visa
  • Representative Amazon Web Services*
  • Paweł Jakubik, Member of the Board, Microsoft

11:20-12:25 Power of payments. Global Money Ecosystem

11:20-11:30 Outlook on the future of the sector

Building Customer Experience using technologies available on the market


  • Adam Matyaszek, Vice President of the Management Board, ITCARD

11:30-12:15 Power of payments. Global Money Ecosystem


  • Norman Frankel, Regional Managing Director Europe/UK, Stanchion Payment Solutions Ltd


  • Availability and ubiquity of cashless payments
  • How has the acceptance and management of payments changed?
  • Digital finance – remote authentication
  • The evolution of payments in e-commerce - forms of crediting in payments
  • The development of B2B payments and Retail Payments
  • Barbara Borgieł-Cury, Daily Banking Tribe Lead, ING Bank Śląski
  • Sebastian Geldner, Visa Business Development Director in the Central and Eastern Europe region
  • Jarosław Hermann, Management of the Board, Bank Millennium
  • Anna Szczygielska, General Manager Poland, Viafintech
  • Bartłomiej Nocoń, Director of the Payment Systems and Electronic Banking Team, Polish Bank Association

12:15-12:25 Cash-based but digital – how we bridge cash with cashless


  • Anna Szczygielska, General Manager Poland, Viafintech

12:25-12:50 Let’s network!

Online networking session - a new interesting experience ensuring effective discussions and establishing business relations.

  • random networking connecting participants for 3-minute talks
  • the ability to ask questions and comment in real time
  • the possibility of establishing relationships in private chats/video chats and rooms
  • presence in the Partner zone

12:50-14:15 Fintech & Insurtech Stage. Winners thanks to technology

Below we present case/use case suggestions. We will determine the final titles together with those applying for the program.

12:50-13:05 Cloud solution. Cloud potential - the best implementations

  • Kamil Smuga, VP&CIO, Limitless Technologies

13:05-13:20 Parametric Insurance for the Diversity and Inclusion Market

  • James Felton Keith, CEO, Inclusion Score

13:20-13:30 How AI will prepare customer service for the challenges of the decade

  • Bartek Baziński, COO & Co-founder, Sentione

13:30-13:40 AI in solutions for insurance. Digitization of insurance distribution

  • Michał Wojciechowski, CEO, InterSafe

13:40-13:50 5 ways to fail at Insurtech - learning the hard way

  • David George, CEO, BIKMO

13:50-14:00 How PSD2 Supports Sales in a Pandemic-Changed World

  • Zbigniew Hordecki, CEO, Easy Check

14:00-14:15 SAS platform as an accelerator of innovation

  • Artur Skalski, Sr Business Solutions Manager, SAS Institute

14:15-14:25 Untapped potential of intelligent automation - how AI supports document processing and analysis

  • Szymon Bazan, Business Development Manager, Alphamoon

14:25-16:05 New challenges for business. Identification of market trends and processes

14:25-14:55 Key trends in value building for banking & insurance sector


  • Strategic decisions. Business reality matching to post-Covid reality
  • Using technology as an opportunity to develop or survive in the market
  • Digitization of the financial and insurance sector as an opportunity for faster development in the future
  • The value and importance of consolidation for the company's continued operation in the financial sector
  • Skillful M&A and partnerships as tools accelerating the building of value and unique skills
  • Artur Tomaszewski, CEO, DNB Bank Polska
  • Marcin Wąsikowski, Managing Director of Sales and Cooperation with Partners, Grupa UNIQA in Poland
  • Jan Zimowicz, President of the Management Board, Aegon TUnŻ
  • Jarosław Dąbrowski, President of Management Board, DFCM LTD

14:55-15:25 Lending Evolution. Transformation and adaptation to new market realities


  • Next step of lending landscape
  • Big can do more - consolidation of the loan industry and rationalisation of the business model
  • The use of electronic channels when granting loans - mobile applications and automated credit processes.
  • Real-Time Lending
  • Subscription - as a new model in the loan sectors
  • Buy-Now-Pay-Later - a solution that improves the quality of services
  • Forms of granting loans by e-commerce and for e-commerce
  • Katarzyna Królak-Wyszyńska, CEO, Innovatika
  • Jakub Obarzanek, Management Board Representative, Director of the Strategic Client Department, KRD Economic Information Bureau
  • Rafał Plutecki, Head of Banking & Insurance, CRIF
  • Tomasz Sękalski, Member of the Board, Plus Bank
  • Ewa Wernerowicz, President of the Board, Vivus
  • Michał Moskalik, Strategic Partnerships Development Director, BNP Paribas Cardif

15:25-16:05 Technological support in running a business. Tech for SME

15:25-15:35 How we did found raising. Tech for SME [TBD]


  • Michał Pawlik, CEO, SMEO

15:35-16:05 Technological support in running a business. Tech for SME


  • New Business Alliances - seeking entry into new segments. A pivot needed when thinking about business for SME
  • Adaptation of new technologies in factoring
  • Deferred payments and debt service - technologies that improve the flow of money
  • Automation of back office processes
  • Michał Pawlik, CEO, Smeo
  • Kamil Smuga, VP&CEO, Limitless Technologies
  • Dariusz Szkaradek, President of the Management Board, NFG
  • Krzysztof Kowalski, FinTech Expert, DigitalShift

Preliminary Agenda

Day II – 19 March 2021

9:00-9:55 Customer value - an important element of changes in trends

9:00-9:10 Key sucess factor - customer centric insturance product in the post Covid19 times


  • Timo Dreger, Head of Digital Busienss at assona/ PROTECTONAUT

9:10-9:20 How have the paths of concluding insurance changed over the last year? Easte of customer service


  • Adam Malinowski, Vice-president responsible for Sales, Marketing and Service Center, Signal Iduna

9:20-9:55 Customer value - a significant element of changes in business trends


  • Customer-centricity - modern, mobile and demanding client
  • Customer Experience - changes in consumer attitudes and expectations and their impact on the financial and insurance sectors
  • Automation of processes and transformation of the organisation into pro-customer
  • Optimisation and effectiveness of actions in understanding the needs and personalisation of offers and communication channels
  • Responsibility for customers who need digital education
  • Marat Nevretdinov, President of the Board, Europa Ubezpieczenia
  • Joanna Erdman, Director of Strategic Projects, mBank
  • Aleksander Skałka, Marketing Automation Strategy Director, Salesmanago
  • Simon Bentholm Hansen, Head of Customer Success,
  • Adam Malinowski, Vice-president responsible for Sales, Marketing and Service Center, Signal Iduna

9:55-11:05 The digital insurance industry step. Future overlook

9:55-10:45 The digital insurance industry step. Future overlook


  • Is it possible to transform the insurance industry?
  • How has digital acceleration and process changes impacted the industry?
  • Switching to remote sales processes - building digital value
  • Insurance sales. An insurance agent in digital times. The power of digital solutions vs the power of habits and the need for consulting
  • Embedded Insurance. Business models with fintech solutions
  • Frank Genheimer, Managing Director & Founder, New Insurance Business GmbH
  • Ernest Wołkowycki-Dołęga, Head Of Unit, Digital Product Design & Development, Aviva
  • Andrzej Miron, Member of the Board for Technology & CIO, Nationale-Nederlanden
  • Aleksander Surowiak, Head of Business Development - Poland, Tractable
  • Gero Reiniger, Head of Sales, DACH region, Zelros
  • Agnieszka Wrońska, CEO, Link4
  • Cezary Świerszcz, Founder Bacca

10:45-10:55 Simple insurance - insurers selling digitally


  • Rafał Mosionek, CEO, Beesafe

10:55-11:05 Disenchanting the cloud in the insurance sector - the direction for easier and faster technological development


  • Małgorzata Jaworska, Head of IT, CIO, Link4

11:05-11:15 Platform work as a new norm. Financial services need to adjust


  • Hedi Mardisoo, CEO & Co-Founder, Cachet

11:15-11:25 Even More Actionable and Connected Customer Jurney in Insurance

  • Alena Tsishchanka, Pre-Sales Support Manager, SAS Institute
  • Artur Fros, Senior Business Solutions Manager, SAS Institute
  • Waldemar Razik, Senior Systems Engineer, SAS Institute

11:25-12:20 Health & Safety - game changer


Speech 1 The future is here & now: the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in diagnostic imaging

  • Kamil Gorczewski, Scientific Collaboration Manager, Siemens Healthineers

Speech 2 One Doctor. 7800 diagnoses per year more

  • Ewa Wierzbowska, Medical & Business Development Manager,

11:40-12:20 Automation in the treatment process - replacement or support of a doctor?


The treatment process is a complex, often multi-stage undertaking, with many decision points. It requires a special infrastructure, efficient access to information, and the technologies used in the implementation of individual services are usually highly digitized. Such a technologically advanced environment can favor automation, which is of particular importance in the conditions of overloaded health care systems and growing shortage of medical staff. Is this potential noticed and properly used today? To what extent will automation tools change the working environment in individual medical specialties? How will this affect the availability and efficiency of healthcare?

  • Which medical disciplines have the most advanced automation solutions at their disposal today, and which may become leaders in the future?
  • Examples of solutions presented during case studies - how do the authors see their development path? What are the expectations of their potential recipients?
  • What is conducive to the development and dissemination of automation tools in medicine, and what is a barrier? In which application areas do you see their greatest potential today?
  • How does automation change the business model of a healthcare entity? How does it affect the financing of benefits and health insurance products? Can it build a competitive advantage?
  • Acceptance and doubts about automation tools from the perspective of medical staff and patients
  • Anna Janiczek, CEO, PZU Zdrowie
  • Stanisław Szczurek, Director of the Business Development Office, UNIQA Group in Poland
  • Marek Witulski, Business Development Director in Diagnostic Imaging and Advanced Therapies, Siemens Healthineers
  • Ewa Wierzbowska, Medical & Business Development Manager,
  • Andrzej Osuch, Director of Business Transformation, LUX MED

12:20-12:50 Let’s network!

Online networking session - a new, interesting experience ensuring effective discussions and establishing business relations.

  • random networking connecting participants for 3-minute talks
  • the ability to ask questions and comment in real time
  • the possibility of establishing connections in private chats/video chats and rooms
  • presence in the event’s Partner Zone

12:50-13:25 Open banking as an element of a broader look at the future

12:50-13:05 Open Banking. We're closed for re-opening


  • Krzysztof Korus Ph.D, Partner, DLK Legal Korus sp.k.

13:05-13:30 Open banking as an element of a broader look into the future


Changing strategies, planning changes and new business models by banks and fintechs will change open banking and transform the financial services sector in a common ecosystem.

  • Open X as an improvement in customer service and faster product innovation
  • Restrictive Polish API
  • Pan-European open banking scheme with access for TPP and non-banking and non-financial entities with premium services available
  • Payment supervision - Stable Coins as a new payment instrument
  • Ralf Ohlhausen, Chairman, ETPPA - European Third Party Providers Association
  • Mariusz Ożga, Digital Platform Banking expert
  • Bartosz Sawicki, Managing Director Fintech & Banking, The Heart
  • Krzysztof Korus Ph.D, Partner, DLK Legal Korus sp.k.

13:05-13:15 [TBD]

  • Representative Quicko*

13:30-14:50 Digital Race. Venture Capital Investments

13:30-14:10 Corporate Innovation vs VC investments. Value building.


  • Has Polish banking maintained its ability to innovate?
  • When will startups and VC funds have alternative internal innovation teams?
  • Investments in Polish insurtech in 2020 amounted to ZERO Euro ... Do banks and insurers not care about the development of Polish startups and VC funds?
  • Is it worth investing in startups? in VC funds?
  • What will bring the best returns and where to start?
  • Krzysztof Konopinski, Inwestor private equity
  • Adam Niewiński, CoFounder & General Partner OTB Ventures
  • Cezary Stypułkowski, President of the Management Board, mBank; Honorary Chairman of the FinTech Digital Congress Advisory Board
  • Małgorzata Walczak, Investment Director, PFR Ventures
  • Jan Kastory, Founding Partner,

14:10-14:45 Startup session

Startup video-pitches 9x4min

  • Dawid Kopczyk, CEO/Actuary, Quantee - Poland
  • Piotr Pajda, Co-founder, - Poland
  • Nikolaus Haufler, Founder & CEO, Wetterheld - Deutschland
  • Rauno Sigur, CEO & Co-founder, DriveX - Estonia
  • Edyta Musielak, Sales Director, Cashy - Poland
  • Pietjan Vandooren, CEO & Co-founder, RockEstate - Belgium
  • Sergej Tolz, COO&CSO, Kasko - United Kingdom
  • Nico Pöltl, COO, Wefox Group - Deutschland
  • Damian Kierzkowski, Sales Director & Tomasz Wojciechowski, General Director, Clicket Poland

14:45-15:15 HR during and after the pandemic


  • HR – changes in expectations and requirements in terms of employment and further development of managers
  • Will the new reality force new requirements on the part of HR for candidates for a job or promotion?
  • Coronavirus and business or remote work is for everyone. Regulations of remote work.
  • Competences of the future - how to manage, how to improve processes, how to ensure transaction security, how to attache an employee to the company
  • Is there a need for new skills and competences in the financial and insurance sectors?
  • Sławomir Łopalewski, President, PKO Ubezpieczenia
  • Dorota Piotrowska, Advisory Board Member- HR Product Strategy, Network Perspective; HR tech scale-ups & Future of Work advisor
  • Katarzyna Turska, HR Director, Sodexo
  • Robert Zapotoczny, President, PFR Portal PPK
  • Magdalena Bylinowicz, Executive Manager, HRK

*The organizer reserves the right to change the agenda and to change the place and date of the event