On the 2nd of July 2018 at the White One Restaurant in Warsaw, the IV InsurTech Digital Congress Advisory Board met. Thanks to the opinions of key experts of the insurance branch, the substantive content of the autumn edition was decided. Telemedicine is surely one of the more important topics which is close to people interested in modern technology in the insurance sector. This area makes use of AI, machine learning, augmented reality and other tools which help make this ground-breaking technology such as exoskeletons or tele-ECG. It’s worth talking about telemedicine in the context of what has already been achieved, but also the vision for the next 5-10 years. It has been stated that consumer 4.0 is another important issue. How to hit the target audience using modern technologies? Analysing customer experience may be useful when addressing offers for a modern client and this issue is worth sizing during the IV FinTech Digital Congress. The agenda of the event will most likely feature a debate about the labour market using a modern HR system. What should insurers do to get future staff? How is it possible to reach the youngest Y generation, or even Z generation? During the substantive discussions during the meeting, there was also the idea of creating a topic block that deals with regulations. Everyone is waiting for a summary of the implementation of GDPR and it cannot be missed during the autumn edition of the congress. One of the proposals for the debate is to present various opinions on the usefulness of this EU regulation. What’s changed in the context of the consumer, what changes have been needed within companies? All of the above mentioned topics came up during the intensive, substantive conversations of the Advisory Board, which was hosted by Marta Kaleńska-Jaśkiewicz, President of the Board, Victor. The Chairman of the Advisory Board Witold Jaworski, President of the Board, YU!, listened to the meeting and gave his own ideas via teleconference. Who will answer all of these questions? How many of these topics will be in the agenda? What new topics will appear during the InsurTech Digital Congress? The answers to these questions will be published in the agenda of the event in the coming days.

We invite you to view the photo gallery of the Advisory Board meeting.