Preliminary Agenda

Day I – 18 March 2021

9:00-10:35 Inaugural block: Fintech 2030 - The Industry View

9:00-9:20 Introduction: title [TBD]

Keynote speech

9:20-9:35 Growth & opportunities. The changing role of fintechs in the financial ecosystem

Keynote speech

9:35-10:10 Embedded Finance the Next Evolution in FinTech


  • Combine traditional financial services such as payment processing with another non-financial service
  • New product or new customer. Changing the way companies behave to the market and to consumers.
  • Increasing customer interest and brand loyalty through embedded finance.
  • Treating banking as a BaaS service as a key enabler of embedded banking. Are we facing disruption of everyday banking?
  • Fintech’s New Reality - thinking outside the box
  • Embedded insurance. Business models with fintech solutions.

10:10-10:35 Big-Techs - new opportunities, methods of cooperation and partnership  


  • Call-to-action. How to operate in the new realities of the entire financial ecosystem?
  • Relations with bigtechs and growing threats to the traditional banking sector from global giants.
  • The perspective of banks and bigtechs - synergy or competition?
  • The role of bigtechs in the context of payments and the real competitive advantage of these entities.

10:35-11:40 Payments. Global Money Ecosystem

10:35-10:45 Dynamic growth of electronic payments - report

10:45-11:10 Payments. Global Money Ecosystem


  • Increasing Competitiveness and Innovation in the Financial Sector - Retail Payments Strategy
  • Cashless Payments – a practical and absolute need for a new reality
  • Digital finance – authentication and remote authentication
  • API - Initiatives of the banking sector in the context of payments
  • Forms of crediting in payments
  • Payments & E-commerce - installments and deferred payments 
  • The role of neo-banks and innovative cross-border banks in the context of payments
  • Development of B2B payments and Retail Payments 
  • Examples from the PL and CEE markets :
    • Biometric payments
    • Contactless payments
    • Deferred payments

11:10-11:25 Support for multi-currency payments. E-wallet 


11:25-11:40 Building Customer Experience with the use of technologies available on the market


11:40-12:05 New challenges for business. Identification of market trends and processes

11:40-12:05 Strategic decisions. Adjusting the business reality to the new reality.

Introductory debate

  • Consolidations and M&A. Crisis as an opportunity to adapt to new realities
  • How partnerships can affect banks and insurance.
  • Using technology as an opportunity for development or survival in the market.

12:05-12:35 Networking Break

12:35-14:05 Fintech & Insurtech Stage. Winners thanks to technology

Below we present case studies/use case suggestions. We will determine the final titles together with those applying for the program.

  • Cloud solution. Cloud potential - the best implementations
  • Soft-POS solutions as a payment method
  • Authentication - electronic signature
  • Blockchain
  • Using Open API and open banking - online identity confirmation
  • AI & machine learning
  • Biometric Solutions
  • Telematics
  • Technology factoring solutions
  • Risk & fraud
  • RPA
  • SecureTech

14:05-14:35 Lending. Transformation and adaptation to new market realities


  • Next step of lending landscape
  • Big can do more - consolidation of the loan industry and rationalisation of the business model
  • The use of electronic channels when granting loans - mobile applications and automated credit processes.
  • Real-Time Lending
  • Subscription - as a new model in the loan sector
  • Buy-Now-Pay-Later - a solution that improves the quality of services
  • Forms of granting loans by e-commerce and for e-commerce

14:35-15:05 Technological support in running a business. Tech for SME


  • New Business Alliances - seeking entry into new segments. A pivot needed when thinking about business for SME
  • Extending the range of B2B services. New Value Proposition. Finding a connection between platform owners and financial services
  • Adaptation of new technologies in factoring.
  • Deferred payments and debt services - technologies that improve the flow of money
  • Automation of back office processes

Preliminary Agenda

Day II – 19 March 2021

9:00-9:50 Customer in post-COVID world

9:00-9:15 How have the paths of concluding insurance changed over the last year? Ease of customer service


9:15-9:40 Customer in post-COVID world


  • Customer-centricity - a modern, mobile and demanding customer
  • Changes in consumer attitudes and expectations - impact on the financial and insurance sectors
  • Customer Experience - understanding consumers as a key element in changing business trends
  • Automation of processes and transformation of the organisation into pro-customer (insurance)
  • Optimization and effectiveness of actions in understanding the needs and personalisation of offers and communication channels
  • Responsibility for customers who need digital education

9:40-9:50 Client-side Encryption - resistance to impersonating someone else’s identity. 


9:50-10:20 The expectations and needs of the insurance industry. A digital step into the future


  • Changes in insurance behaviour. An overlook of the future
  • Insurance does not provide services, but transactions - how to change that? THe customer should be treated as a business partner
  • How digital acceleration and process changes have impacted the industry. The need for digital solutions.
  • Switching to remote sales processes - how the industry functions in a digital reality
  • Hybrid model of insurance sales. The power of digital solutions vs the power of habits and the need for consulting, i.e. an insurance agent in digital times
  • The insurer as a provider of agency solutions
  • Are insurance clients prepared for the operation of the industry in the digital world? Do they expect it?

10:20-10:30 Simple insurance - insurers selling digitally 


10:30-10:40 Disenchanting the cloud in the insurance sector - the direction for easier and faster technological development 


10:40-10:50 Technological solutions in the work of an agent 


10:50-11:00 The state of insurtech in Poland and Europe 


11:00-11:30 Networking Break

11:30-12:45 Health & Safety - game changer

11:30-12:10 Case-study/speech – proposed speech topics

  • Back-to-Work Certificate – COVID-related, Polish blockchain implementation for the British health service (NHS)
  • Machine learning and data use in telemedicine services
  • Monitoring applications - the use of data from mobile monitoring devices by insurers. Can we use it?
  • How can technology help older people?

12:10-12:45 Health & Safety - game changer


  • Increasing the readiness of patients for automation
  • Medical data in IKP and integration of patient databases in the Polish healthcare system
  • A revolution in the automation of telemedicine. High-tech solutions
  • Development of telemedicine technologies as a form of underestimated health prevention
  • Sale of healthcare services (insurance policies, medical and telemedicine services) via the internet
  • The facts and myths of the health-checker application

12:45-14:35 Open banking as an element of a broader look at the future  

12:45-13:00 Open banking in Poland vs. the European perspective 


13:00-13:10 PSD2 and Open Banking - aspirations and hopes – a business perspective


13:10-13:35 Open banking as an element of a broader look into the future  


Changing strategies, planning changes and new business models by banks and fintechs will change open banking and transform the financial services sector into a common ecosystem.

  • Open X as an improvement in customer service and faster product innovation
  • Restrictive Polish API
  • Pan-European open banking scheme with access for TPP and non-banking and non-financial entities with premium services available
  • Payment supervision - Stable Coins as a new payment instrument

13:35-14:35 Digital Race. Venture Capital Investments   

13:35-14:05 Startup session


14:05-14:35 Fintech in Poland. Venture Capital Investments


  • Best-time investments - what is worth investing in and which industries now have the best chance for development?
  • Selection of investments by VC and PE in the CEE region and in the world
  • The investment industry is more selective and cautious
  • Is offensive scaling still the vision of most tech companies? How to rationalise and optimise the company’s strategy now?
  • Alternative investments by banks and insurers. Acceleration and direct investments in start-ups.

14:35-15:00 HR during and after a pandemic   


  • HR – changes in expectations and requirements in terms of employment and further development of managers
  • Will the new reality force new requirements on the part of HR for candidates for a job or promotion?
  • Coronavirus and business or remote work is for everyone. The perspective of banks and insurers to go online
  • Is there a need for new skills and qualifications in the financial and insurance sectors?

*The organizer reserves the right to change the agenda and to change the place and date of the event