Between 27-28th September 2022 in The Westin Warsaw Hotel, the 12th FinTech & 11th InsurTech Digital Congress took place. Over 400 participants attended the meeting. They listened to debates and presentations concerning the substance of the current trends and forecasts concerning the fintech and insurtech industries in Poland.

The Congress was inaugurated with the address from the presidents: Marcin Petrykowski, Chairman of the Advisory Board of FinTech Digital Congress (Group Chief Executive, Atende), Cezary Świerszcz, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the InsurTech Digital Congress (CEO, Unext) and Jan Kastory, Co-chairman of the Advisory Board of the InsurTech Digital Congress (Founding Partner,

“We are meeting on a bumpy road. It means there are some ups and downs. (…) First, paradoxically it is not that bad. From the fintech market point of view, it is not bad. We have a few strong drives, which cause the market to remain steady despite the situation taking place before our eyes. From the point of view of geopolitics and macroeconomics, the sectors remain very steady.” – said Marcin Petrykowski at the beginning of his address.

The inauguration debate is based on the most crucial issues connected with the development of fintech and insurtech sectors in the face of the changes in the world economy. The experts also made comparisons of the forecasts from the beginning of 2022 and the reality of the third quarter of the year and analyzed the financial and insurance sectors’ strategies. They also commented on the development possibilities of the technological companies, as well as changes in the situation of the sector employees.

Another panel was devoted to subjects connected with the influence of economic changes on the financial ecosystem. The speakers touched upon, among others, the issues of using open banking and financial systems to develop the fintech sector and building partnerships as an opportunity for faster calibration of the fintech industry. In addition, the non-cash transactions have been analyzed: the future of digital wallets, building payment experiences, financing of cryptocurrency projects in Poland, and BNPL as a payment service which is becoming more and more popular. Finally, the subjects have been analyzed regarding regulation and debt collection provisions.

The second day of Congress began with analyzing trends in the financial and insurance sectors. The experts indicated such issues as challenges connected with building the presence of financial institutions in the metaverse, challenges and development directions in customer communication, the future of decentralized finances, the introduction of new platforms, and the absorption of blockchain by the banks. Then, the block devoted to the insurance sector was inaugurated with the discussion over the maturing insurance market and the new faces of insurance. The trends and technological challenges driving the development of insurtechs, as well as durable business models and technologies in insurance, facilities for the insurance industry, and the issue of investments in insurtech, were discussed. The topics of well-being and HR, as well as the business based on data and the digital life of consumers, were also present.

The FinTech & InsurTech Digital Congress speakers included, among others:

  • Grant Blaisdell, Co Founder, Copernic Space
  • Aleksandra Buczkowska, Managing Director of Retail Banking Products and Customer Segments, mBank
  • Łukasz Hajkowski, Member of the Management Board of AXA Partners CEE, AXA Partners
  • Hesus Inoma FinTech and Tech Strategist, Innovator, Speaker
  • Jarosław Fuchs, Vicepresident of the Board, Bank Pekao
  • Katarzyna Tomczyk-Czykier, Executive Director of Channel Excellence and Omnichannel Orchestration and Seamless Daily Banking, Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A
  • Magdalena Szczepańska, Head of Operations & Customer Service , Wiener TU S.A. Vienna Insurance Group
  • Maciej Gołaś, Managing Director for Process Development, Services and Digital Platforms, PZU; Vice President, PZU Pomoc
  • Robert Cegliński, CFO PayPo
  • Mirosław Deja CIO, UNIQA Polska
  • Artur Kurcweil, Vice President of the Management Board, PKO Bank Polski
  • Liwia Kwiecień, Chief Human Resources Officer, Nationale-Nederlanden
  • Dariusz Mazurkiewicz, President of the Management Board, BLIK
  • Łukasz Michalczyk, CDO, Director of Data & Advanced Analytics Center, LINK4
  • Michał Scipio del Campo, Chief Investment Officer responsible for Investor Relations, Inovo Venture Partners
  • Jarosław Stefański, CEO, mElements

A complete list of speakers is available at

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