Award Winners

Award Winners FinTech & InsurTech Awards 2018

Best Peyment Solution – TubaPay – integrated card payment in insurance

For an excellent understanding of premium payment processing processes and the creation of a card payment platform combining many competing insurers.

Best Lending Solution – FINIATA

For an innovative microfactory model for the sector of small and medium enterprises and the use of artificial intelligence in the process of credit risk assessment.

Blockchain Technology Award- Trudatum blockchain platform

The Trudatum blockchain platform is a solution developed in cooperation with PKO Bank Polski and the Polish-British company Coinfirm. The tool improves the existing solutions related to data storage and storage, and at the same time provides effective and secure cryptographically digital document compliance. Technology, which the bank decided to implement into its own systems, introduces a breakthrough in the collection and publication of documents and files across Europe. The first stage of implementation will focus on integration with banking systems and the provision of a solution allowing verification of the authenticity of bank documents. Each document saved in the blockchain network (eg transaction confirmation or banking regulations) will be issued in the form of an irreversible abbreviation (“hash”) signed with the bank’s private key. This will allow the client to check remotely whether the file he has received from the contractor or the bank is true and whether there has been an attempt to modify it.

InsurTech Award – National Health Program

An innovative business model whose pillar is a scalable technology platform, built in the Agile & DevOps methodology, based on microservices and dockers architecture, integrating various sales channels, including: Internet, mobile, stationary stations of various operators and insurance providers in the field of health protection. And for making health care more friendly and accessible to all of us.

FinTech Award – Dronn

Dronn is a system based on artificial intelligence, biometrics and speech analysis, belonging to the most advanced generation of robots. It was designed to conduct a casual and logical conversation with clients and to use real-time statistical models and, based on data, make decisions on the further course of the conversation. Only in 2017, Dronn made over 1 million connections, including 963 thousand for the Alior Bank debt collection department and 239 thousand for external partners. In the meantime, Dronn also served about 1.3 million new records in the customer segmentation process and collected 77 thousand. tax residence declarations (so-called FATCA). Work is currently under way on the further development of the tool.

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