Soon, on the 19-20 of November 2019 roku at the Warsaw Sheraton Hotel the autumn edition of the FinTech & InsurTech Digital Congress will be taking place. Key representatives of the financial sector, traditional banking and insurance and modern technologies will meet to discuss the most important issues regarding development directions.

Financial technology is currently one of the most exciting and fastest growing areas of global business. In a relatively short time, the emergence of young industries such as FinTech and InsurTech has had a huge impact on how we do business, make transactions as clients, and think about the future of finance and insurance.

The joint part of the FinTech & InsurTech Digital Congress will focus on topics such as the future of the financial market, innovative leadership and transformation. As part of the block “Reality check in banking and insurance”, we will check which technologies and implementations work, and which are just buzzword. There will also be a topic on how to get financing and where to look for capital for the development of your start-up. On the second day, the agenda of the 7th edition of the FinTech Digital Congress will address issues related to the future of banks. A block devoted to financial services platforms and education will also be there. There will also be a topic related to regulatory changes, licenses and PSD2. The InsurTech Digital Congress track will focus on analysing the digital stimulation of the insurance market, both inside and outside the company.

Topics will also cover issues related to the work of agents and how to improve this work thanks to new technologies.
There will be an analysis of the space for cooperation between insurers and insurtechs, as well as topics dedicated to telemedicine systems and new business models. During the autumn event, emphasis will be put on specific examples and constructive exchanges of opinions. There will be practical use-cases, success stories and presentations from which you can learn a lesson for the future and treat it as a signpost to achieve success.

FinTech & InsurTech Digital Congress is undoubtedly an opportunity to learn about both technological trends and confirmation that technology responds to the needs of clients in the financial industry. It is also an opportunity to exchange practical opinions and get to know the participants of the congressPrzemysław Furlepa, Vice-President of the Board, BNP Paribas

Every year, the event gathers experts from the financial and insurance industry, representatives of science observing changes on the global market, and representatives of modern technologies and investors. Therefore, Congress is an opportunity for effective discussions about the future of the financial industry in Poland, as well as in the context of international relations.

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